Jul 19, 2023



Lake Michigan, Warren Dunes Engagement – Aleka + Conner

April arrived, with sneaks of Summer in the Michigan sunsets + pops of tiny white flowers along the dunes. Aleka, Conner and I ran through the chilly water and the sandy beach-side for their engagement session, inspired by long nights and romantic movement!

Did we lose Conner’s shoes? Yes. Were we the slightest bit chilly? Oh, yes. Did we truly have the best, coolest night ever? Another yes!

As the sun set beyond blue hour on Warren Dune’s horizon, we captured some filmy, grainy, flash images to wrap up this cinematic, in-love engagement session!

I need a beach session like this in every season of my life! It was incredible too serve these two, as our friendship grew + their love exploded!!

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