Hey friend! I'm Claire, your midwest homebody, dessert baking, whimsical photographer who simply is in love with life and her people! 

I love the Lord, and my relationship with Him will always be my number one priority. I am continually in awe of His unique creation, which inspires me daily, especially with my creative endeavours. My favorite ways to enjoy God's creation are to simply BE in it. Not just sit in it, but absorb is, capture it, and embrace it.

As I've had a camera, or some type of creative tool, in my hand my entire life, being creative just makes sense to me. There is nothing else I'd rather be doing. As someone who is not very materialistic or sentimental, photography speaks to me differently; It's one of the only measures we have as humans to remember our loved ones, the emotions we once shared, and the most precious moments we may never see or remember. With my documentary approach, I will never "replay" moments solely for the picture perfect moment, instead I will capture the moment and the passion for what it is, in a natural and documentary approach.

a little about Claire! 

with a non-traditional approach, I curate a natural, fine-art + cinematic photo experience that is organic + nostalgic –
my passion is founded on capturing the raw, the emotion driven, and the connetion in front of me. I care deeply for serving those around me. 


I have a degree in Graphic Design! Graphic Design is my other passion when I'm not capturing couples - I use my degree religiously! 


I've been married to my husband, Tyler, since Aug 2022! We love hosting, cooking together, and we balance each other perfectly. 


My favorite nights are those around a campfire or snuggled on the porch at dusk, surrounded by great company + delicious snacks. 


I am a midwest girl at heart, with a secret love of finding new places to explore, especially coffee shops ;) 


My personality has me on the move constantly, I'm an enneagram 2w3, outgoing, always cracking a joke, and full of joy! 

a non-traditional approach, focused on trust + connection

I could be sitting in the grass, on a bike, diggin my toes into the dirt, walking at dusk, listening to the crickets; There is nothing more peaceful than to be at one with our Creation and our Creator.

I've always had the desire to own a home, live on my own land, embracing God's creation, and surrounded by those I love. My favorite nights are those with my community, sharing food and conversation.

If I could live in a coffee shop I would. At one point I thought of owning a coffee shop, and living up on the second floor! Imagine the caffeine my husband + I would intake haha - He too is quite the coffee connoisseur. 

Living in the same area my entire life has blessed me with priceless, God-loving community. There is nothing I value more than deep, emotional connection, trust, and conversation – I LOVE MY RELATIONSHIPS!

a few of my
favorite things