Now for a little about me! I'm married to my best friend + husband Tyler, and we are quite opposites; he's an Enneagram 7 while I am an Enneagram 2, he's Type-B + I am MAJORLY Type-A, he seeks adventure around the world and I seek a cozy evening on the porch. Yet, we couldn't be more perfect each other + we thank God every day for bringing us together and allowing us both to serve others with our passions. 

As a child, I loved to be outside with the sun and with bare feet (probably to get my insane amount of hyperactivity out, sorry parents), all while collecting objects from our woods (including mini toads!). I have always been artistic, athletic, and outgoing, excelling in art class + extracurriculars with my peers. I finally picked up a camera in grade 5 to take pictures of my cats, originating my love of photography! 

I am actually college educated in Graphic Design + Digital Marketing. I value my education greatly as I use it all the time! I have the biggest sweet tooth, I love Pitch Perfect, and wearing Grandma sweaters. On a normal day, you can find me baking/cooking, wearing a thrifted granola grandma sweater, coffee in-hand, hanging with my husband + friends. 

a little about Claire

I'm all about curating the most natural, artful experience that just feels organically balanced + relaxing – I love capturing earthy tones, grainy blurs, loving touch; while building trust, I care deeply for serving those around me. 

fun facts


Spring + Fall are my absolute favorite seasons, but my severe environmental allergies say otherwise lol


My current favorite calming playlists are ambient chill or nature sounds full of birds + the sounds of the forest


I am extremely competitive, with anything really: game nights, evening activities, volleyball...


I have two brothers, and am the middle child! I grew up in the country with so much room to run around and do crazy, loud things


My first job was at a nationally ranked homemade ice cream shop in my home town when I was 14 - ended up staying for 6 seasons! 

Photography that is full of life –
let's capture yours

I could be sitting in the grass, on a bike, diggin my toes into the dirt, walking at dusk, listening to the crickets; There is nothing more peaceful than to be at one with our Creation and our Creator.

I've always had the desire to own a home, live on my own land, embracing God's creation, and surrounded by those I love. My favorite nights are those with my community, sharing food and conversation.

If I could live in a coffee shop I would. At one point I thought of owning a coffee shop, and living up on the second floor! Imagine the caffeine my husband + I would intake haha - He too is quite the coffee connoisseur. 

Living in the same area my entire life has blessed me with priceless, God-loving community. There is nothing I value more than deep, emotional connection, trust, and conversation – I LOVE MY RELATIONSHIPS!

a few of my
favorite things